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FYI:A Common American Soldier.

Source: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

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Revolutionary War ancestors of past and present members

*Note: Ancestors listed in alphabetical order left to right. Not all were soldiers.


Back, Judah (Lieutenant) Breadsley, Benjamin (Private) Beckwith, Zachariah (Private) Bidwell, Thomas (Captain)
Bingham, Chester (Private) Birge, Jonathan (Captain) Booth, Jr. Nathan (Patriot) Burnham, Asahel (Private)
Cady, Jr. David (Captain) Carter, Samuel (Private/Lieutenant) Chaffee, Ezra J. (Captain) Clark, Noah William (Private)
Cone, Nathaniel (Private) Corbin, William (Private) Dickinson, Joseph (Sergeant/Ensign) Dixon, William E. (Captain)
Elwood, Isaac (Private) Goff, Charles (Private) Grant, David (Private) Griggs, Joseph (Corporal)
Hammond, Elijah (Patroitic Service-Member of Committee 1777) Harris, Champlin (Private) Hooker, James (Minute man) Hooker, Samuel (Private)
Hough Sr., Ebenezer (Patriot) Howe, Timothy Howe (1st Lieutenant.) Johnson, Amos (Private/Ensign) Lattan, Luke
Lewis, Augustus (Private) Little, Turner (Private) Miller, Samuel (Private) Miner, Justice (Private)
Newberry, Dyer (Juvenile Guard) Olmstead, Abijah (Private) Olmstead, Daniel (Captain) Owen, John (Private)
Paterson, John (Major General) Peters, Nathan (Major) Phelps, Iijah (Private) Phelps, Joel
Prior, Simeon Putham, Israel (Major General) Riley, Ashbul (Sergeant) Sanford, Joseph (Private)
Scripture, John (Private) Skinner, Theodore (Patriotic Service-Express Rider-Gave horse) Skinner, Daniel (Patriotic Service-Member of Committee 1781) Stevens, Ebenezer (Patriot)
Wakeman, Seth (Private) Warner, Jr. Nathaniel (Private) Warner, Sr. Nathaniel (Private) Wattles, Daniel (Private)
Webster, Stephen (Corporal) Whitney, Asa (Armory) Winslow, Nathaniel (Patriot) Woodworth, Jr. Stephen (Private)


Mansfield, Thomas O.(Colonel) Nebuckar, John (Private)    


Vickery, Joseph (Soldier)      


Ankeny, Dewalt (Private) Cox, Abraham (Lieutenant) Dorsey, Charles (Patriot) Dorsey, Nicholas (Patriot)
Elder, Guy (Patriot) Elder, William (Patriotic Service) Gadd, Thomas (Private) Prather, Richard (Lieutenant)
Remsburger, Stephen (Captain> Shaffer, George (2nd Lieutenant) Sherwin, Jacob (Civil Service) Ward, Edward (Private)


Ball, Moses (Corporal) Barnes, Edward (Lieutenant/Colonel) Beal, Sr. Seth (Private) Bigelow, Roger (Private)
Black, John (Private) Chaffee, Jr. Nathaniel (Private) Cobb, Jr. Nathan C. (Sergeant) Covell, Richard (Drummer)
Covell, John (Private) DeLand, Daniel (Private) Doggett, Jr. Samuel (Lieutenant) Dyer, Ichabod (Private)
Fairbanks, Cyrus (Lieutenant) Fletcher, Daniel (Major) Fletcher, Jonathan (Captain) Friend, John (Private)
Fuller, Isaiah (Lieutenant) Gage, David (Private) Glover, Alexander (Private) Green, Russell (Private)
Hendrick, James (Captain/Lieutenant) Hersey, John (Private) Higgins, Jethro (Private Holmes, Nathaniel (Private)
Hubbard, Daniel S.(Private) Hubbard, Zadoc (Private) Hutchins, Noah (Sergeant) Kelsey, John (Sergeant)
Kingsley, Jr. Thomas (Private) Lyon, Jacob (Private) Macdonough (Colonel) Manley, Jesse (Private)
Marsden, George (Lieutenant/Adjutant) Moore, Rufus (Private) Norcross, Daniel (Corporal) Patch, Jonathan (Sergeant)
Peabody, Nathaniel (Private) Peabody, Thomas Perkins, Sr. Joshua (Sergeant/Lieutenant) Phelps, Joel
Pine, Martin Joseph (Private) Piper, Joseph (Financial Support) Porter, Ebenezer (Private) Potter, Ebenezer (Private)
Powers, Edward (Private) Prescott, Ebenezer (Private) Roach, John (Private) Rearick, Sr. John (Private)
Richardson, Timothy (Private) Rockwell, John (Private) Salisbury, William (Deputy Commissary) Sherwin, Jacob (CS)
Short, Sr. Phillip (Patriot) Stevens, Jesse (Private) Stevens, Sr. Silas (Private) Stillman, John (Private)
Taft, Jr. Noah (Private) Tracy, Thomas (Private) Warren, James (Clerk) Weeks, William (Corporal)
Whitney, Jason (Private/Patriot) Winchell, Joseph (Sergeant) Winship, Richard (Private) Winston, Isaac (Private)
Wilder, Abel (Captain) Wright, Sr. Caleb (Captain)    

New Hampshire

Angier, Silas (Private) Amsbury, Israel (Sergeant) Atwood, Jonathan (Patriot) Blaisdell Jr, Isaac (Corporal)
Brooks, John (Lieutenant) Burroughs, John (Patriotic Service) Cragin, Francis (Sergeant) Cragin, John (Private)
Folsom, Peter (Patriot, Patriotic Service) Garwood, John (Soldier) Gibson Sr., John (Private) Gilson, John (Private)
Kent, Jacob (Colonel) Keys, Sr. Abner (Sergeant) Liar, Matthias (Patriot) Moore, Abijah (Captain)
Moore, Rufus (Private) Morse, Jonathan (Private) Munson, Abraham (Private) Piper, Joseph (Clerk)
Rust, Nathaniel (Private) Shoff, Frederick (Private) Slade, John (Private, Patriotic Service) Slade, Samuel (Private)
Slaughter, Ezekiel (Private) Thompson, Job (Patriotic Service) Tipple, Adam (Private)  

New Jersey

Axtell, Henry (Major) Biles, John (Patriotic Service-Furnished Supplies) Carlton, Francis (Private) Clark, Noah (Private)
Corwin, Joseph (State Trooper) Dunn, Samuel (Private) Howell, Levi (Patriotic Service-Rendered Material Aid) Hudson, Abraham (Sergeant)
Kirkendall, Samuel (Sea Captain/Privateer) Littell, Eliakim Lozier, Hillebrant (Private) Moore, Rufus (Private)
Perkins, Jacob (Captain/Major) Smith, Joshua (Patriotic Service-Furnished Supplies) Weller, Jacob (Private/Patriot)  

New York

Armsbury, Stephen (Soldier) Ball, Nehemiah (Private, Sargent) Beem, William (Patriot) Brewster, John
Brunster, John (Patriot) Bryan, Alexander (Scout) Calkins, Eleazer (Private) Callender, John (Lieutenant)
Caton, John (Private) Conner, Benjamin (Captain) Cramer, John Nicholas (Private) Culver, David (Private)
Culver, Nathaniel Davin, Peter (Private) Davis, Peter (Private) Dietz, Henrick (Soldier)
Dietz, Philip (Private) Francher, Abraham (2nd Lieutenant) Hartt, John (Captain) Hester, Henry (Lieutenant)
Knickerbacher, John (Colonel) Kramer, John Nicholas (Private) Mattice, Elias (Soldier) Myers, Michael (Private)
Nelson, John (Sergeant) Nelson, Thomas (Private) Roe, Daniel (Captain) Roosa, Isaac (2nd Lieutenant/Ensign)
Rouse, Casper (Patriot) Rouse, Nicholas (Private) Sayre, James (Private) Shoemaker, H. Yose (Major)
Stickle, Johannes (Private) Stickle, Nicholas (Private) Teats, Philip (Private) Typpal, Adam (Private)
Willis, Thomas (Minuteman) Wright, Charles    

North Carolina

Beason, Edward (Captain) Beeson, Edward (Captain/Lieutenant/Ensign) Chiles, John (Private) Doan, James (Private)
Flenniken, John (Private/Patriot) Jernigan, Cary (Soldier) Lashley, Sr. Lewis (Private) Purvines, John
Reavis, Harris (Private) Rendlemen, John (Captain) Sherrod, Arthur Sherrill, William
Stillwell, Jacob (Fife Major) Upton, John (Private Soldier) Vickery, Joseph (Soldier) Whitson, William (Captain/Major)


Ankenny, Christian (Corporal) Bowser, Noah (Private) Brubaker, John (Private) Bruner, Ulrich Owen
Cable, Abraham (Lieutenant) Carroll, Robert Carroll, William (Captain) Coon, Peter (Private)
Countryman, George Culbertson, William (Private) Daybenspeck, George (Private) Dunn, Samuel (Private)
Ewalt, Henry (Ensign) Frampton, William (Private Soldier) Fritz, Phillip (Private) Harding, Jr. Christian (Private Soldier, Oath of Allegiance)
Isherwood, Francis (Soldier) Karmany, Joseph (Private, Patriotic Service) Kenny, Edward D. (Private Kistler, Samuel (Ensign)
Long, Joseph (Private/Patriot) Long, Sr. John Nicholas (Private) Long, Nicholas McCotter, James (Private/Patriotic Service,Signed Oath)
Mertz, Phillip (Lieutanent) Messmore, John (Private) Miller, Yose (Private) Mostoller, Frederick (Private)
Noble, Joseph (Sergeant) Rearick, John (Private) Rhodes, Henry (Captain) Runkle, Jacob (Patriot)
Shaffer, Henry (1st Lieutenant) Shank, Christian (Private) Shoff, Frederick (Private) Simon, Michael (Private)
Smith, Thomas (Colonel) Umberger, Heinrich (Patriot) Umberger, Michael (Patriot) Van Sant, James (Private)
Van Meter, Jacob (Captain) Van Vliet, Charrick (Private) Walker, Jacob (2nd Lieutenant) Wait, Casper (Private)
Wait, George (Patriot) Wise, Sr. John Adam (Patriot) Wisehart, William (Sergeant/Ensign)  

Rhode Island

Aldrich, Asquire (Sergeant) Durfee, Gideon (Private) Peck, Peleg (Patriot) Peckham, Timothy (Ensign)
Potter, Erza (Patriot) Sheldon, James J.P. (Patriot)    

South Carolina

Hitt, John (Patriot) Owen, James (Private) Purvines, John (Private) Tandy, Achilles (Lieutenant)
Teel, Edward (Private)      


Harlow, Isaac (1st Lieutenant) Ives, Enos (Private) Kent, Jacob (Colonel) Lyman, Isaac (Lieutenant)
Moore, Abijah (Captain) Noble, Eli (Captain) Phillips, Thomas (Private) Post, Jr. Roswell (Scout/Clerk/Sergeant)
Potter, Joseph (Sergeant) Stone, Philip (Patriot) Sargeant, Thomas (Civil Service) Wright, Charles


Abney, William (Private) Arnette II, David (Private) Baylor, Jacob (Private) Bishop, Jonathan (Soldier)
Bolling, John (Private) Cantrell, Joshua (Lieutenant) Clack, Spencer (Lieutenant) Cordell Sr. John (Captain/Patriot)
Doonahew, Henry (Seaman) Durham, Samuel (Private) Dyer, Charles (Private) Emerson, John (Captain)
Gilbert, John Webster (Captain) Green, William (Drummer) Grimsley, William (Soldier) Hays, William (Private)
Jarrett, James (Patriot) Jones, Ambrose (Patriot) Keistler, Frederick (1st Lieutenant/Spy) Keese, Richard (Patriot)
Logan, Hugh (Captain) Lowthal, William (Colonel) Luna, Peter (Private) Montgomery, John (Patriotic Service)
Moyer, Philip (1st Lieutenant) Owen, James (Private) Sale, John (Captain) Sharp, Sr. William (Private/Spy)
Spurling, William (Private) Stigler, Samuel (Patriot) Stroud, James (Patriot) Summers, William (Captain)
Thomas, Joseph (Private) Tuck, Sr. John (Civil Service) Vicars, Robert (Private) Ward, David (Captain)
Winfree, James (Patriot)      

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